Merging Traffic, Inc.

a global capital formation engine ™

Status: Completed check_circle

$10 million
Accredited Investors Only - 506(c)
  • Own potential equity of many companies in Merging Traffic and diversification of investments in multiple companies
  • Access leading companies in Autonomous Vehicles, MedTech, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, Blockchain and more


Merging Traffic is a web-based crowdsourcing portal for capitalization; and an investment pool that primarily intends to target earlier stage companies. The Company combines the due diligence of traditional investing methods with the flexibility of an online crowdfunding platform to execute targeted fund raising and diversified fund investments.

ISSUER Merging Traffic, Inc.
MANAGER MT Manager (David S. Metcalf II, John C. Lessel, Max Hooper)
OFFERING TYPE Class A Preferred Shares
OFFERING SIZE $10.0 million
PLACEMENT AGENT Merging Traffic, Inc.
INVESTOR SUITABILITY Accredited Investors Only
MINIMUM INVESTMENT $25,000 (cash in full or 20% in cash with investor Note)
SUBSTANTIAL INVESTOR DISCOUNT 10% discount with investment of $250k or more


This material must be read in conjunction with the private placement memorandum in order to fully understand the implications and risks involved in the offering.

This offering involves a high degree of risk. As an emerging business venture, investors should be prepared to suffer a loss of their entire investment as the units are speculative investments subject to significant risks of loss including failure to market the company’s services. The offering is available to accredited investors only and is suitable only for persons who have adequate financial means and no need for liquidity in the investment and can bear the economic risks of the investment. There can be no assurance that the investment will ever be profitable.