The Next Generation of Private Equity

Merging Traffic is a portfolio management company. Our equity-based crowdfunding framework is designed to match entrepreneurs with Accredited Investors, primarily in the FinTech, Data Science, Health, Real Estate, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) sectors. Based in Florida, we leverage our state's multiple major universities and the world-changing research that they produce.

What is crowdfunding?

The interpretation of "crowdfunding" continues to redefine itself as new regulations and technologies enter the ecosystem and disrupt traditional financial structures. "Crowdfunding" is often used to describe the pooling of funds by individuals in support of a defined goal by the organizer.

There are four primary types of crowdfunding models:

  • Real Estate Crowdfunding: Institutional or individual investors issue equity or subordinated-debt financing specifically for real estate.
  • Equity-based Crowdfunding: Institutional or individual investors purchase equity issued by a firm.
  • Reward-based Crowdfunding: Institutional or individual supporters provide finance in exchange for non-monetary rewards.
  • Donation-based Crowdfunding: Institutional or individual supporters provide finance in exchange for nothing, often with philanthropic motivations.

Why now?

We find ourselves within unchartered and ever-changing financial times; we're living in the midst of a technology revolution. Every aspect of our lives is being transformed right in front of our eyes. The financial sector is no more immune than any other.

These technological advancements, combined with evolving legislation, open the door for crowdfunding technologies to be used for private equity investment.

Merging Traffic is a Virtual Private Equity Firm dedicated to Equity-based Crowdfunding for Accredited Investors.

We apply best-in-class due diligence to every aspect of our business as we harness the power, influence and trust of our network and portfolio companies. By leveraging crowdfunding technology, we're able to reduce costs, close deals faster and simplify the entire private equity process.

Why Florida?

Florida is more than sunshine, beaches and a globally celebrated talking mouse. It's also home to multiple major universities and the world-changing research that comes along with them. The Sunshine State is growing its reputation as an R&D commercialization launchpad. Combined with developments like Orlando’s Medical City, our location is poised to become a major player in the global economy.

Merging Traffic itself is a spin-off of the Institute of Simulation & Training at the University of Central Florida, the oldest and largest such institute in the world. Combined with our relationships with other Florida-based research centers and startup incubators, we are able to leverage early access to highly qualified deal flow.


How are we different?

Merging Traffic represents a new strategy for private equity investors that combines the due diligence and compliance of traditional methods with the flexibility of a crowdfunding platform. We leverage crowdfunding technology to simplify the process, speed up closings and reduce overhead. The result is a product that gives investors access to the high quality, trustworthy deal flow they expect, with fees and carries lower than otherwise possible.

Each investment has been sourced, vetted and organized in a way that makes it easy for investors to properly assess the opportunity. Investors can trust that if a deal is offered on our portal, it's something that we ourselves are interested in being a part of.

Merging Traffic is also completely Privacy Shield certified.

How do I make an investment?

Investing on Merging Traffic is incredibly simple. To get started just create an account. As soon as we verify that you are an Accredited Investor, you will be able to make direct investments into companies that interest you.

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