Startup Nation Ventures, LLC

High-Touch Capital Investments™

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$2 million
Accredited Investors Only - 506(b)
  • Unique access to top Israeli and world-nation tech companies that align with Florida's burgeoning innovation ecosystem
  • Led by Dr. Vicki Rabenou, MD a start-up proponent from Jerusalem, who has more than 20 years experience growing Israeli and United States start-ups from inception through IPO

Transforming Entrepreneurial Dreams into Disruptive Realities

Startup Nation Ventures ("SUNV") is a global, crowd-backed equity investment vehicle that partners with and catalyzes growth to early-stage Israeli and world-nation tech start-ups aspiring to expand to the United States market with immediate opportunities for acceleration, execution, and risk reduction. SUNV supports its portfolio startups with introductions to potential customers, partners, and talent that are mutually beneficial and ignite company growth. rounds. The intention is to be part of an organization's journey from seed to exit or sustainable growth.

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