Epiphany Ventures, Inc.

A Social Purpose Corporation

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$5 million
Accredited Investors Only - 506(c)
  • Producing world-class digital museum experiences that promotes art, science, and advancement of knowledge
  • Creating new and exciting immersive narratives which engage audiences with Digitzed Gigapixel conversions
  • Providing access to classical master-pieces and current works created through the Christian faith


Epiphany Ventures, Inc. (“EV”) promotes the arts, sciences and advancement of knowledge through technology and entertainment. Scripture, graphics, videos, and augmented reality converge to introduce new generations to humanity’s greatest masterpieces and stories.

The Directors believe that EV is positioned to leverage its expertise and capabilities to deliver immersive and interactive experiences and:

  • Develop projects that have the potential to profound affect humanity;
  • Find new and exciting ways to reinvigorate, reignite, and recharge the love of art both from a historical and cultural perspective; and
  • Offer world-class digital museum experiences with technology that creates new and exciting immersive narratives

EV’s management team combines its knowledge of the arts and technology with unique relationships to conceptualize and produce what it believes are world-class, digital museum experiences—a platform for people all around the world to rediscover art, culture and history.

ISSUER Epiphany Ventures, Inc.
DIRECTORS Dr. Max W. Hooper, Donald H. Stillman, Jr., Clifford Dew, Enrique Dupuy, Ryan M. Thomas
OFFERING TYPE Class A Preferred Shares
OFFERING SIZE $5.0 million
PLACEMENT AGENT Epiphany Ventures, Inc.
INVESTOR QUALIFICATION Accredited Investors Only
MINIMUM INVESTMENT $25,000 (Cash; or 20% Cash w/ Investor Note)
SUBSTANTIAL INVESTOR DISCOUNT 10% discount with investment of $250k or more

To learn more about Epiphany Ventures, Inc. or speak with our management team please contact: Dr. Max W. Hooper, 501.650.2800, max@epiphany-ventures.com


This material must be read in conjunction with the private placement memorandum in order to fully understand the implications and risks involved in the offering.

This offering involves a high degree of risk. As an emerging business venture, investors should be prepared to suffer a loss of their entire investment as the units are speculative investments subject to significant risks of loss including failure to market the company’s services. The offering is available to accredited investors only and is suitable only for persons who have adequate financial means and no need for liquidity in the investment and can bear the economic risks of the investment. There can be no assurance that the investment will ever be profitable.

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